Summit League

NCAA League Calls Sioux Falls Home

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First PREMIER Bank was an early proponent for attracting major sporting events to the Sioux Falls area. CEO, Dana Dykhouse, was instrumental in forming the Sioux Falls Sports Authority. Established in 2006, it carried a single goal – attracting international, national, regional and state sporting events by leasing and enhancing sports facilities in the Sioux Falls area.

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Summit League

One of the PREMIER’s biggest successes was attracting the NCAA Summit League Conference Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments. The 2009 Summit League Tournament was the first time ESPN broadcasted a live, nationally-televised event in South Dakota.


Since the games were first held in 2009, the tournament has set multiple attendance records and pumped more than $5 million annually into the Sioux Falls economy. While the tournament has put thousands of “heads in beds” and filled local restaurants, the impact does not end there. In 2018, the Summit League announced its intent to relocate its conference headquarters to Sioux Falls.

“The Summit League has been wholeheartedly embraced by the Dakotas,” Summit League Commissioner Tom Douple said. “We have always felt at home in Sioux Falls and this move further establishes our presence in the geographic area of our league.”

First PREMIER Bank and PREMIER Bankcard continue to be major sponsors of the NCAA Summit League Tournament and other major sporting events in the region. It’s good for our communities and it’s the PREMIER Way.