Manage Receivables

No matter how large or small your volume, First PREMIER Bank offers robust integrated receivables solutions that help businesses process payments faster and more efficiently, maximizing cash flow.

A Robust Suite of Services

ACH Services

Manage payments electronically, deposit payments directly, initiate wire transfers or pay via prepaid card.

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Merchant Card Services

Accept debit and credit cards on site, online and by phone to streamline payments and maximize sales.


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Security & Fraud Prevention

Centralize returned item processing to a single bank improving collections and reducing bank fees.


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Lockbox Services

Centralize incoming payments sent via snail mail with First PREMIER. You'll save time, process payments faster and more accurately and reduce theft and fraud.

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Check Image Clearing

Submit batch check image files for electronic deposit! Improve check clearing times, reduce check processing overhead and expenses.

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Virtual Account Management

Streamline account management, optimize working capital and reduce the overhead and fees associated with having multiple physical bank accounts.

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Centralized Returns

Centralize returned item processing with First PREMIER Bank streamlining the returns process, improving collections ability and reducing bank fees.

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Positive Pay

A powerful, affordable fraud management solution that helps you detect fraudulent checks and charges before they impact business.

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Remote Deposit

Scan and batch process large numbers of checks quickly, accurately and securely from your office. No bank visit needed.

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