About PREMIER Bankcard






12th Largest Issuer of Mastercard® Credit Cards in the Nation

The importance of good credit is significant, as evidenced both in the current increase of free credit reporting services and the standard practice of checking credit scores each time individuals apply for a loan, credit card, job, apartment or even a cell phone contract!

Unfortunately, less than perfect credit impacts millions of Americans today - presenting some very real challenges and limitations. For more than 25 years, PREMIER Bankcard, together with our sister organization, First PREMIER Bank, have provided individuals who may otherwise be rejected by other lenders, the opportunity to obtain a credit card. We specialize in credit cards for people with low credit scores, which may be a result of past financial problems, job loss, medical bills, divorce, poor financial management skills and other causes.

These credit cards are priced based on an individual’s credit risk and are accompanied by higher rates and fees than traditional credit cards. Our objective is to have these customers with us for a relatively short period of time - typically 18 to 24 months, as they work to build their credit. As credit improves through regular, timely payment and other factors, these individuals may then begin to qualify for more traditional types of credit with better rates and lower fees.



Fast Facts

  • 12th largest issuer of Mastercard® credit cards in the country
  • Servicing over 3 million customers nationwide
  • Held by United National Corporation
    • Independently operating and separately funding PREMIER Bankcard and First PREMIER Bank
    • Credit card loans are funded with cash reserves – not First PREMIER Bank deposits or debt
  • One of the strongest capitalized banks in the country
    • Ranked the 17th strongest bank in the nation in banks over $1 billion by Independent Banker Magazine (2018)
    • Ranked consistently as a top-performing S-Corp bank with assets between $100 million and $3 billion by the American Banking Association's Banking Journal