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Investment Management

Personal Investments

First PREMIER Bank trust advisors will meet with you to determine your investment objectives and goals.  We work closely with you to determine your investment objectives, risk tolerance, tax situation and liquidity needs.  Investments used are typically mutual funds, high quality stocks and bonds.  However, depending on your personal situation, other investments are available.

Individual Retirement Accounts

These accounts, both traditional and Roth, provide the opportunity to grow retirement savings by deferring the tax or completely eliminating future taxes.  We can assist you by providing investment management or you can direct the assets in the account into non-traditional assets.

Institutional Services

Institutional clients, such as foundations, endowments, and not-for-profit entities use our investment, custody and escrow services.

Personal Financial Services

We can offer assistance to our clients who need their bills paid, medical claims prepared and various sources of income collected.

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Non-Deposit Investment