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Online Banking FAQs

What is Online Banking and what will it do for me?
Online Banking is a service that allows you to access your First PREMIER Bank account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With Online Banking, you can view transactions made on your accounts, transfer funds between accounts, make payments to certain types of loans, and even export account information to software like Microsoft Money® or Quicken®.

Is there a fee for Online Banking?
No. First PREMIER Online Banking is free.

Can I view a demonstration of Online Banking before I sign up?
Yes, click here to view the demo.

How do I sign up for Online Banking?
You may complete the Online Banking Application on our website.

What is my access information?
Your access information is what defines you as the authorized user on the accounts. Your access information will include:

  1. Access ID
  2. Password
  3. Series of challenge questions and answers

What if I forget my access information?
If you forget your access information, please contact us during normal business hours.

What can I do to ensure my account information is secure?
First PREMIER has taken many steps to ensure your accounts remain confidential. You can access Security and Fraud resources here. Please follow these steps to ensure your privacy:

  • Never give your access information to anyone other than bank personnel that you have contacted for assistance.
  • Do not include your account number or personal information in email messages. First PREMIER Bank will never ask you for this information in an email.
  • Always ensure you are on a trusted First PREMIER Bank website prior to entering your access information by verifying your picture and pass phrase.
  • If you are using Online Banking on a computer that is located in a public area, make sure you exit Online Banking completely by clicking the “Log Off” button.

What does First PREMIER Bank do to ensure my account information is secure?

  • First PREMIER Bank has multiple layers of security to ensure your account information is secure. Our approach combines "information you know" as well as "information you have."
  • “Information you know” is you access ID and password.
  • “Information you have” is accomplished by registering your computer through the use of cookies, small ID files stored on your computer’s browser directory.
  • Use of a picture and pass phrase chosen by you at enrollment ensures you are on a trusted First PREMIER Bank website.

Can I register more than one computer?
Yes, follow the instructions when logging into a computer that you have not registered.

Can I access Online Banking from a public computer?
Yes. You will be instructed to answer security challenge questions you provided answers to during enrollment. For your protection, do not register a public computer. You should only register personal computers that you frequently use and are not available to the public.

What if I registered a public computer in error?
Please contact us during normal business hours.

Can more than one person register the same computer?
Yes, you can register more than one person at the same computer.

What do I do if my registered computer is compromised, lost, stolen or sold?
Please contact us during normal business hours.

Will Online Banking affect my Bank-By-Phone Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
No. Your Bank-By-Phone PIN will not be affected by changing your Online Banking password, nor will your ATM or Debit Card PIN be affected.

What if I forget to log off?
After twenty minutes of inactivity, Online Banking will automatically log off in order to prevent other people from viewing your accounts without your permission.

Which types of accounts can I access using Online Banking?
You can review your checking, savings, certificates of deposit, IRAs, loans and mortgage accounts on which you are a signer.

How often is my account information updated?
Debit card transactions and ATM activity will reflect as a pending transaction near real-time within online banking. All other account activity will update nightly Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.

Can I transfer funds between my accounts?
Yes. You can transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts. You can also advance funds from your Easy Access line of credit to your checking account.

Can I make payments to my loans?
Yes. You can transfer from your checking or savings account to make payments to your consumer loan or your Easy Access line of credit.

How long will my account remain active?
If you do not access your Online Banking Account within 90 days, it will become inactive. If you wish to continue service, please reapply with our Online Application.

What if I need help with Online Banking?
Please contact us during normal business hours.