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Collection of Receivables

Exceptional funds management begins with immediate conversion of payments into cash assets. Whether you need a paper receivable processing system or automated electronic payments, First PREMIER Bank offers a variety of services to make the daily management of your cash more efficient.

  • Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services offer an efficient way to enhance cash flow by electronically collecting payments or automatically consolidating deposits made at other banks
  • Lockbox Services to prepare checks for deposit, open all payment envelopes and process all of your payment remittance needs
  • Our Check Image Clearing offering provides companies with a service which allows them to submit batch files of check images for deposit electronically.  It offers the following benefits:
    • Improved check clearing times
    • Reduced expenses and processing overhead
    • Expanded service and deposit deadlines for batch file deposits.
  • Centralized Returns Processing allows companies with multiple banking relationships to consolidate all unpaid and returned checks to one bank, which allows these companies to greatly reduce their returned check fees, improve check return routing delays, and improves their payment and collections efficiency.  This further allows our customers to realize improved funds availability and potential increased rate of collection on returned items.

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