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Positive Pay

Financial losses from check fraud can be costly and affect businesses of all sizes. First PREMIER Bank offers a powerful fraud prevention tool for both checks and ACH payments. You can access this simple transaction management tool seamlessly through Business Online Banking, which means there’s no software installation required. Additional benefits include:

  • Check Positive Pay allows you to detect fraudulent checks
  • ACH Positive Pay allows you to pre-authorization payments and add filters and/or blocks
  • Full account reconciliation to assist you with balancing your bank statement
  • Automated emails to notify you of exception items to review
  • Online exception management enables you to make pay/return decisions from anywhere
  • Payee match ensures the payee name has not been altered
  • Check image integration allows you to view images of check exception items

Positive Pay Demo

For your security, Positive Pay enrollment must occur at a First PREMIER Bank location by an authorized signer of the account.

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