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Savings / CDs

Grow your excess cash flow and start planning for your company’s future. First PREMIER Bank business savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs) and money market accounts offer competitive rates and low fees, plus one of the lowest minimum opening deposits on the market for business CDs. Contact us for more information.

 Regular SavingsMoney Market SavingsSuper Money Market SavingsCertificates of Deposit
Interest Variable Interest Rate Tiered Variable Interest Rate Tiered Variable Interest Rate Contact us for current rates
Minimum Opening Balance $50 $500 $25,000 $5003
Minimum Monthly Balance $50 $500 None, however interest will be paid if you maintain at least a $25,000 balance $5003 - One of the lowest opening minimum deposits in the market
Monthly Fee If Minimum Monthly Balance Is Not Maintained1 $2 per month if balance falls below $50 $10 per month if balance falls below $500 None. Interest is not paid for the days the balance falls below $25,000 None
Withdrawal Limitations2 Yes Yes Yes Penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal
Additional Features       Rate Jumper feature available on CDs with $5,000 or more and terms of 24-60 months

1Fees can reduce earnings on the account.
2Savings withdrawals are generally limited to six per month. You may make an unlimited number of withdrawals when made in person, by mail or at an automated teller machine (ATM). If the monthly withdrawal limit is exceeded, a fee of $1 for each excess withdrawal will be assessed. Fees can reduce earnings on the account
3A larger minimum deposit may be required for special CD offers.